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Terms of our rentals...

Rental periods are either a 4 day 1/2 week or an 8 day week. Weekends and holidays will be counted within the rental period unless other arrangements are made. In the case that the return date falls on a day our office is closed, the returning items will be expected the next available day our office is open. If a return comes back early, it cannot be prorated due to scheduling arrangements.

Orders expecting to go into a ninth rental day will extend into a 2nd week. Only the first rental week spans an 8 day period. Beyond that, 7 day weekly increments follow, limiting the grace period to one day. The weekly rate breakdown is as follows:

First week - full price. Second week - 50%. Third week - 50%. Fourth week - 25%. Fifth week - 25%. Sixth week - 25%. Seventh Week - 25%. Eighth Week - free. Ninth week & up - production rental (call us).

In order to satisfy all our orders, a certain level of communication is essential between the renter & the Auditorium. If a rental is expected to extend into an additional period, we must be notified in a timely fashion to avoid unnecessary charges on the order. Late returns will incur an additional rental charge as well as a late fee (25% of the initial rental). Additional rental charges and late fees may be applied each time an order is unexpectedly held past the newly issued return date.

After an order is confirmed, renters must notify the Auditorium by 4:30pm of the previous business day (Saturday and Sunday excluded) if any changes are to occur, or if the order is cancelled. Failure to do so may incur a 25% charge. Orders requiring extended preparation time may be liable for the 25% charge once the items are prepped, regardless of the order pick up date. For details on these types of orders, please contact us.

It is expected that all rented items are returned to the Auditorium in roughly the same condition as they went out the door. This also includes any packaging associated with each item. If a returned item requires the cleaning attention of our staff, a fee may be assessed. Cleaning charges start at $25 per hour, with one-hour increments. Cleaning fees will not be broken down into minutes. As the next hour begins, so does the additional $25. Unless stated otherwise, all rented items must be returned to the Auditorium, regardless of their condition. In the case an item gets damaged during a rental, it is the renter's responsibility to cover the costs to get the item back to the condition it inhabited prior to the rental period the damage occurred. Damage costs vary, depending on the severity of the damage and the amount of work involved to get the item fixed. If damage to an item keeps it from being available to rent for an extended period, an additional 'loss of rental' fee may apply. 'Loss of rental' fees follow our weekly rental pricing structure.

In the event an item is lost, stolen or destroyed, a signed ‘Affidavit of Loss’ form listing the missing item(s) will be required, as well as the replacement fee. The replacement cost of an item will coincide with the retail list price where applicable. If the list price cannot be found, the current market value will be considered for replacement cost. Tax and shipping will also be included in the replacement fee. A loss of rental fee may apply to lost items, as well as to items returned and labeled non-rentable due to the loss of an item's corresponding packaging. The Auditorium must be informed immediately of lost items to avoid additional rental charges. *Please note that loss of rental fees may apply to any order if an item is kept from being placed back into availability as a result of a renter's negligence.

The Auditorium accepts several forms of payment, including cash & money order, business check, credit card and purchase order. Orders paid with cash or money order at or before the time of pick up are eligible for the 'Cash Discount', which puts the responsibility of paying the tax on us. To prevent fraud and unnecessary delinquencies, we do not accept personal checks. We do take legitimate business checks, signed by an authorized representative of the account. Please note that the company name and information on the check must match the invoice. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. A credit card authorization must be filled out and submitted prior to running the card. We can also accept purchase orders with companies if approved after submitting a Credit Application Form. Not all submissions will be accepted. Purchase order invoices require a $100 order minimum after all discounts are taken. A net 30 day period is typical for purchase orders. Orders expected to be paid beyond the 30 day period must be cleared with the Auditorium prior to rental. Please note that paying through purchase orders are a privilege and companies abusing the 30 day period can be denied that said privilege at any time.

We do offer other discounts beyond the 'Cash Discount'. Please call us for our current promotions. For more information, proceed to Act Three: "Forms/Downloads".